Vista Pointe Bi-Fold/Multi-Slide Patio Door

Vista Pointe Bi-Fold/Multi-Slide Patio Door

Vista Pointe. The 46-foot wide patio door.

You can turn any wall into a stunning, panoramic wall of patio doors with Vista Pointe Architectural Systems. Available in bi-fold, multi-slide, and lift-slide patio doors, they come as large as 10 feet high by 46 feet wide.

These incredible systems open effortlessly to create a broad expanse of the great outdoors. They can be automated to open and close silently at the touch of a button. And they can even wrap around a corner. 

All Vista Pointe systems come with Hurd door panels, so your Vista Pointe doors will match your Hurd windows perfectly. Interiors are select hardwoods. Exteriors are fully encased with heavy-duty extruded aluminum cladding in a full range of colors. 

You’ll appreciate Hurd’s superior quality, beauty, energy efficient glazing options, custom wood species, and even simulated divided lites.

For more information about Vista Pointe Architectural Systems, click here to visit the Vista Pointe website.

Super Sun Blocker

Energy Star

With an amazing triple layer of silver Super Sun Blocker glazing delivers an ideal balance of thermal performance, solar control, 95% UV protection and high visibility.

Fade Protection:
Insulation Value:
Solar Heat Gain Control:

Low-E 366

Cardinal’s Low-E 366 is nearly identical to Super Sun Blocker in technology and performance. However, Super Sun Blocker is significantly more affordable.

Our Low-E 366 is available in 3 versions: standard; Low-E 366 with Preserve® protective film (it peels off after installation so all the splattered paint and construction dirt peel off too); and Low-E 366 with Preserve and Neat® (an ultra-smooth exterior coating that harnesses UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away almost spotlessly).

Super Sun Blocker With IS-15 Coating

Energy Star

To meet the 2013 Energy Star® standards, we start with all the attributes of triple silver Super Sun Blocker, then add ClimaGuard IS-15. IS-15 is a coating specifically designed to help you achieve a superior R-5 insulation value on many windows without the need for triple glazing.

The IS-15 coating is applied to the interior (room-side) surface of the dual pane IG unit, resulting in improved thermal performance and lower heating costs. Because the coating reflects heat back into the room, the room-side pane of glass will be slightly colder in winter, causing a higher potential for condensation problems.

Fade Protection:
Insulation Value:
Solar Heat Gain Control:

Passive Solar Low-E 80/70

Energy Star

Hurd’s new Passive Solar Low-E 8070 glazing has a very high (0.69) solar heat gain coefficient. That means it’s ideal for capturing the sun’s heat in colder climates and reducing your winter heating bills. It also has a superior insulation value (R-3.8) to block out the cold and keep in the heat.

Fade Protection:
Insulation Value:
Solar Heat Gain Control:
Very Best

Triple Pane Low-E

Energy Star

For the superior thermal performance of triple pane windows, specify our energy-efficient Triple Pane Low-E glazing. Choose one or two surfaces of low-E coating, for improved insulation values, reduced solar heat gain, and protection from harmful UV rays.

Fade Protection:
Insulation Value:
Solar Heat Gain Control:

Dual Pane Low-E

Energy Star

Insulated for improved energy efficiency. Single surface Low-E coating to reduce solar heat gain and block UV rays.

Fade Protection:
Insulation Value:
Solar Heat Gain Control:

Insulated Glass

For moderate climates, our Insulated Glass may deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Fade Protection:
Insulation Value:
Solar Heat Gain Control:

Sound Control

Our Sound Control glazing reduces outside noise by as much as 50% while also blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Since it’s laminated, it also provides important shatter resistance to reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. It’s available as a dual pane insulated IG or as a single pane non-insulated glass.

Fade Protection:
Very Best
Noise Control:
Very Best
Shatter Resistance:
Very Best

Hurd Simulated Divided Lites

Hurd Simulated Divided Lites

Our simulated divided lites give you the classic appeal of traditional true divided lites, but without the energy loss caused by individual glass panes. Matching extruded aluminum or all-wood outside, natural wood inside, and optional spacers between the glass.

Grilles in Airspace

Grilles in airspace

This is the easiest way to achieve the divided lite look. We actually seal the grille between the panes of glass. So you get the visual appeal you want without the grille ever getting in your way.

Grilles in airspace come in your choice of profiles: 11/16” or 1” contour or 5/8” flat. Two-tone grilles also available.

Contour GrillFlat Grill

Removable Wood Grilles

Hurd removable wood grille

Our removable wood grille is the affordable, convenient alternative to divided lites. Simply pop out the grille, wash the window, and pop it back in. Available as full surround in select pine or optional wood species.





Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

Vertical Grain Douglas Fir







Red Oak

Red Oak



White Oak

White Oak

Ultra Stain Clear Coat

Ultra Stain Clear Coat

Ultra Stain Espresso

Ultra Stain Espresso

Ultra Stain Toffee

Ultra Stain Toffee

Ultra Coat White

Ultra Coat White

The exterior of Sierra Pacific Windows are fully encased in maintenance-free, heavy-duty, extruded aluminum.

  • Our cladding is at least twice as thick as competitors’ roll-form cladding.
  • 75 cladding colors, or we’ll custom match any color you can imagine.
  • Zero-VOC, AAMA 2604 powder paints, heat-cured for a harder, tougher finish.

Color Stay™ Collection


White 001


Linen* 032

French Linen

French Linen 112

Morning Dove Gray

Morning Dove Gray 113

Colonial White

Colonial White 313


Sandstone 003


Beige 335


Tan 043

Gull Gray*

Gull Gray* 007


Seawolf* 044

Fashion Gray

Fashion Gray 111

Slate Gray

Slate Gray 045

Battleship Gray*

Battleship Gray* 321

TW Black

TW Black 061

Black Sable*

Black Sable* 060

Slate Blue

Slate Blue 008

Light Blue

Light Blue 046

Steel Blue*

Steel Blue* 114

Aqua Mist

Aqua Mist 115

Hampton Blue

Hampton Blue 323

Sage Green

Sage Green 005


Teal 047

Hemlock Green

Hemlock Green 048

Patina Green

Patina Green 051

Forest Green

Forest Green 049


Evergreen 009


Green 004

Hartford Green*

Hartford Green* 050


Moss 031

Greek Olive*

Greek Olive* 081

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta 053


Clay* 026

ICI Brown

ICI Brown 056

Colonial Red*

Colonial Red* 054

Harvest Cranberry

Harvest Cranberry 010


Burgundy 055

Deep Plum

Deep Plum 116

Deep Taupe

Deep Taupe 077

Antique Bronze*

Antique Bronze* 057

TW Brown

TW Brown 058

Bahama Brown*

Bahama Brown* 309

Regal Brown

Regal Brown 059


Brown 002


Bronze* 024


Black* 023

Textured Collection

Peppered Steel

Peppered Steel 110

Sift Espresso

Sift Espresso 097


Mocha 098

Cajun Spice

Cajun Spice 099


Pesto 100

Weathered Collection

Weathered Café Royale

Weathered Café Royale 104

Weathered Cocoa

Weathered Cocoa 105

Weathered Brown

Weathered Brown 034

Weathered Bronze

Weathered Bronze 078

Weathered Clay

Weathered Clay 075

Weathered Red Pepper

Weathered Red Pepper 106

Weathered Rust

Weathered Rust 076

Weathered Basil

Weathered Basil 107

Pearl Metallic Collection

El Cajon Silver

El Cajon Silver 068


Platinum 067

Light Bronze Pearl

Light Bronze Pearl 069

Medium Bronze Pearl

Medium Bronze Pearl 070

Dark Bronze Pearl

Dark Bronze Pearl 071

Metallic Collection

Alpine Silver

Alpine Silver 062

Metallic Champagne

Metallic Champagne 063

Bronze Classic

Bronze Classic 064

Classic Copper

Classic Copper 088

Copper Penny

Copper Penny 065

Industrial Collection

Medium Bronze Industrial

Medium Bronze Industrial 101

Dark Bronze Industrial

Dark Bronze Industrial 102

CA Anodized Collection

Clear Anodized

Clear Anodized 103

Medium Bronze Anodized

Medium Bronze Anodized 096

Dark Bronze Anodized

Dark Bronze Anodized 095

Black Anodized

Black Anodized 117

WI Anodized Collection

Clear Anodized

Clear Anodized 332

Medium Bronze Anodized

Medium Bronze Anodized 307

Dark Bronze Anodized

Dark Bronze Anodized 306

Black Anodized

Black Anodized 353

Copper Anodized

Copper Anodized 352