The Best Wood Treatment In The Industry

The Best Wood Treatment In The Industry

COREGUARD™. Proven protection to the very core.

Moisture, rot and insects are no problem for Hurd windows thanks to our exclusive CoreGuard treatment. CoreGuard actually penetrates through the entire cross section of wood.

As a result, our wood windows are nearly as rot-proof as vinyl, shrug off insects like aluminum, and are warmer than both of them.

If your windows can’t survive rainforest testing, they’re rotten.

CoreGuard is currently being proven in a Hawaiian rainforest. To maximize the potential for water damage, an independent testing organization took sections of our wood windows, broke the finish seal over the joints, then tilted them to trap rain. After 5 years constant exposure to downpours and tropical sun (the equivalent of 15-30 years under normal installations), our treated wood has shown no deterioration. If CoreGuard can endure these harsh, wet conditions, imagine how well it can perform in normal weather.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Proven protection. A powerful warranty.

Thanks to the incredible performance of CoreGuard and the superior quality of our products, Hurd offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for residential use. 

See actual warranty for complete details.