Double Hung Windows Maintenance and Care

Double Hung Windows Maintenance and Care

Tilting Sash for Cleaning

  1. Raise the bottom sash 6 to 8 inches. Grasp the top of the sash and pull it towards you. With your other hand, depress the side balance until the sash jumps over the track of the vinyl balance. Holding the window out of the track, depress the vinyl balance on the opposite side in the same manner. Keep window sash as level as possible across the opening while tilting to the interior.
  2. To tilt the upper window sash, lower top sash to the mid-point of the window and tilt in same manner as bottom sash.


We recommend that you clean the exterior glass surfaces before you clean the interior surfaces. Usually it is easier if you start by cleaning the upper sash. For convenience, use a chair or stool to support the sash in the tilted position while you wash the exterior glass surfaces.

Removing and Replacing Sash

  1. Tilt the sash as described above.
  2. Slide one corner of the bottom rail up toward the center of the window opening, and then angle the sash until you feel the pin release from the clutch mechanism. Caution: springs in the vinyl balance may pop up and break if the sash is removed too near the windowsill.
  3. To replace, hold the sash at an angle, insert one of the pivot pins into the clutch mechanism, and then level the sash while inserting the second pin.

Double Hung Balance Adjustment

If the sashes are difficult to slide, or if they feel too loose, some adjustment of the balance clutch mechanism may be necessary. If the sash feels loose, increase tension by turning the small adjustment screw on the clutch mechanism clockwise. If the sashes are stiff, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise. Do not over-tighten this screw or it may strip the threads (no more than four full turns maximum are recommended).

Double Hung Lubrication

Always clean all surfaces before applying lubricant. Once cleaned, lubricate the vinyl balances with a simonized paste or with paraffin. Spray the sash edges with a silicone spray to maintain sliding ease.

Double Hung Painting Restrictions

Do not paint the weatherstrip, hardware, or vinyl balances. Do not paint sash edges that ride in the vinyl balances.

Double Hung Screen Removal

  1. Raise the bottom sash to expose the screen plungers. Pull the plungers to disengage the bottom of the screen.
  2. Lower the top sash completely. Pull out the plungers to disengage the top of the screen. Pull the screen down slightly and push it outward.
  3. Bring the screen into the room by tilting it through the window opening.
  4. To replace the screen, reverse the above procedures.

Combination Storm and Screen Insert Removal

  1. Completely raise the lower sash of the window unit.
  2. Push the finger pulls of the lower storm sash toward the center of the sash and pull the unit toward you to release. Angle the sash until the storm panel pops out.
  3. Follow the same procedures for the screen.
  4. Lower the upper storm panel and remove it as you removed the lower unit.
  5. To re-install, reverse the above procedures.