Horizontal Sliding Windows Maintenance and Care

Horizontal Sliding Windows Maintenance and Care

Horizontal Slider Sash Removal

  1. Disengage the sash lock(s) and slide the operating sash to the center of the opening.
  2. Grasping both sides of the sash firmly, push the sash upwards until it clears the vinyl sill track. Then pull the bottom of the sash toward you. Please note that the sashes on the larger units can be heavy. Have a surface area ready to lay the sash on.
  3. Replace by inserting the top of the sash into the groove of the vinyl head track. Then, while pushing upward, slide the lower part of the sash over the track until it's seated firmly in place.

The stationary sash is not customer serviceable; contact your Hurd dealer if removal is required.

Horizontal Slider Screen Removal

  1. Slide the operating sash completely to the left (or remove).
  2. Pull out the screen plungers and gently push the screen outward.
  3. Tilting the screen through the window opening bring it into the room.
  4. To replace the screen, reverse the above procedure.

Slider Lubrication

Clean all surfaces before applying lubricant. To lubricate the vinyl tracks, use a simonized paste wax or paraffin. Spray the sash edges with a silicone spray.

Slider Painting Restrictions

Do not paint the weatherstrip, hardware, or vinyl balances. Do not paint sash edges that ride in the vinyl balances.