Swinging Patio Door

Swinging Patio Door

As you can imagine, a patio door needs lots of extra engineering and structural reinforcement to outlive hurricane-force winds and flying debris.  That’s definitely true of FeelSafe patio doors.

Despite their stylish good looks and effortless operation, our swinging patio doors are built to take it.  They swing out-not in-for optimum protection from high winds.  They feature an upgraded European 5-point locking system for maximum security, plus chemically bonded joints and stainless steel hinges and strike plates.


  • High-strength, shatter-resistant, laminated glass.
  • Structural sealants throughout.
  • Exterior clad with .050” extruded aluminum.
  • Natural pine interior standard. Prime, paint or stain optional.
  • Alternative wood species optional.
  • CoreGuard wood treatment.
  • 7-1/2” bottom rail standard on all heights.
  • Pultruded fiberglass sill.
  • Sash profile width 4-1/2”.

Performance Glazing

  • Available with FeelSafe laminated or laminated Low-E glass (insulated or non-insulated).


  • Butt hinges.
  • Five-point locking hardware.


Operation: Outswing or dual outswing.
Decorative glazing: Bronze, gray, green or white.
Grilles: Hurd simulated divided lite, removable wood grilles, or grilles in airspace.

  • Removable wood grilles or Hurd simulated divided lite.
  • Grilles in airspace available only on insulated units.


  • Five-point locking lever in six finishes.
  • Stainless steel hinges standard.

Other options:

  • Standard extension jambs up to 7-3/8”. Structural nailing fin standard.
  • Extruded aluminum drip cap.
  • Exterior aluminum brickmould applied.