Insulation? In a window?

Insulation? In a window?

R-2 WindowTypical dual pane window
R-2 WindowTriple pane gas-filled window
R-2 WindowNormal 2” x 6” insulated exterior wall
R-2 WindowNew Hurd Ultra-R window

Walls and roofs have an R-value. It simply measures their ability to hold in heat during the heating season and keep it out during the cooling season. In windows, this insulation value is usually referred to as the U-factor. (It’s simply the reciprocal of the R-value.) 

The lower the U-factor, the higher the energy efficiency of your new windows.

Hurd’s Ultra-R window is one of the best-insulated windows available on the market today. It beats almost all other windows and most walls for energy efficiency. 

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