What are divided lites?

What are divided lites?

A lite is a single pane of window glass. Originally, window glass came only in small pieces. So in order to construct a bigger window, they assembled several lites, held in place by a grille.

Those individual panes of glass were leaky, drafty and very inefficient. However, since many homeowners still prefer that classic look, we now make divided lite windows by accenting one large piece of glass with a good looking, efficient grille.

Hurd offers 3 types of divided lites:

Hurd Simulated Divided Lites

Hurd simulated divided lite

Our simulated divided lites give you the classic appeal of traditional true divided lites, but without the energy loss caused by individual glass panes. Matching extruded aluminum or all-wood outside, natural wood inside, and optional spacers between the glass.

Removable Wood Grille

Removable wood grille

Our removable wood grille is the affordable, convenient alternative to divided lites. Simply pop out the grille, wash the window, and pop it back in. Available as full surround in select pine or optional wood species. 

Grilles in Airspace

Grilles in airspace

This is the easiest way to achieve the divided lite look. We actually seal the grille between the panes of glass. So you get the visual appeal you want without the grille ever getting in your way.