Hurd to Partner with Vista Pointe

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Hurd to Partner with Vista Pointe

Partnership expands patio door offering to include bi-fold and multi-slide operation.

Medford, WI – January 3, 2012 – Hurd Windows and Doors announced it is partnering with Arizona-based Vista Pointe Architectural Systems, a manufacturer of folding and sliding patio door systems. The partnership will allow Hurd to offer a greater range of patio door products for new home construction and remodeling marketplace. 

Vista Pointe is a provider of high-end, wide-opening patio door and window systems. Designed for large openings up to 25 feet wide and 10 feet tall, these door systems are available in a number of configurations, including “accordion” style bi-fold doors and telescoping Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide systems. Hurd premium-quality aluminum clad wood panels are designed for homeowners who want the warmth and beauty of wood inside with the durability of an aluminum clad exterior.

With the partnership, Vista Pointe’s multi-panel, bi-fold and telescoping systems will now be available with Hurd aluminum clad patio door panels.  This means that Hurd’s broad range of glass, wood species and interior/exterior finish options will now be offered in these unique operating modes.  The door systems will be sold through Hurd distributors.  

“Bi-fold and telescoping doors are complicated systems. They are best created by specialists that know exactly what they’re doing,” said Hurd Windows and Doors President and CEO Dominic Truniger. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Vista Pointe to make Hurd an even greater resource for people seeking door systems that fit all their individual needs.”

 “This partnership makes sense for both consumers and our companies,” said Vista Pointe Vice President and Managing Partner David Stevenson.  “With this arrangement, homeowners can now buy Hurd-based Vista Pointe door systems customized to meet their requirements and desires with the same style, quality and attention to detail they’ve come to expect from Hurd. There is tremendous synergy between Hurd’s and Vista Pointe’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction."

Hurd’s many styles of windows and doors are popular with new construction homes and for replacement windows as homeowners seek attractive, energy efficient options. To view images of these new bi-fold and telescoping door products and some of the hardware that is used in creating them, visit the company’s website at or call (480) 998-3940 for a catalog. For copies of Hurd Windows and Doors’ new Full Line catalog, e-mail or call 800-223-4873.


Vista Pointe Architectural Systems is a provider of high-end, wide-opening, window and door solutions. Through its unique Multi-Slide, Lift-Slide, and Bi-Folding systems, Vista Pointe offers a reliable product that can fit a myriad of needs. Vista Pointe does not sell to the public but rather offers these systems through select dealers nationwide. Visit Vista Pointe Architectural Systems for more information.


HWD Acquisition, Inc. is headquartered in Medford, Wisconsin. The company markets products under the Hurd brand, which is recognized for its 90-plus year tradition of building custom wood windows and doors to the highest standards of excellence and quality. Hurd products are sold exclusively through more than 400 distributors in the United States and Canada, and in 20 countries worldwide. With factories in Medford and Merrill, Wisconsin, Hurd products are manufactured in 600,000 square feet of production space.  For more information, visit Toll free: 1-800-433-4873.